Is Honista Free to Use?

The Honista Cost Table

Honista takes a different and creative approach to software pricing, one that anyone can enjoy. Fundamentally, Honista follows a freemium model. The best way to defer cost is by taking advantage of a limited FREE starter pack that makes plenty of funtionalities available for new users or small teams. Though Honista includes a few paid plans if you need more, we offer advanced features and expand functionality.

Free Features and Limitations

Honista (Free version): Honista is the simplest way to work with your team, it is used for simple task management. You can create and assign tasks, use templates up to a certain point, and view basic reports. Free tier (details vary but usually max tasks/projects = 50/5)

Premium Plans: What You Get

The premium plans bring even more for businesses and power users. These plans, beginning at $10 per user/month, offer premium features such as unlimited tasks, advanced reporting capabilities and priority customer assistance. The product offers many features for every user in the free version, the most popular premium plan allows everyone to integrate it with other tools like Slack, Trello and Asana which can make Honista a good desk of projects.

Analysis of User Satisfaction

The high quality of Honista's premium offerings is also verified by feedback from users, who have responded enthusiastically. Among those users, just over three-quarters found the benefits of upgrading to be worth the expense, with efficiency gains from using bundled services being a major selling point. The higher project boundaries, plus the detailed reporting functions are often cited as worth full functionalities driving force of what you want to spend for.


Is Honista Free? - If someone asked Yes, but... While the free version is certainly a great place to get started for someone coming into the space, the paid versions will offer well worth it value for those who need some of the more powerful features and more in depth integrations with their current applications! To get in-depth information and determine if the premium benefits are a fit for you, check out Honista.

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